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3D Paper Stars

3d paper stars | the hobby room diaries


I did this post for the lovely Laura Beth at A Step in the Journey earlier this week.  My first guest post!  Laura Beth is super creative and posts lots of great ideas, so take a minute and check out her blog.
I did a stint in the dorms in college (go Huskies!) and while it was a pretty good experience, the rooms were sterile and straight out of the 1970’s, you know, dormish.  My mom did her best to help spruce up the place (twinkle lights! closet organizer! upholstered study bench!), but my favorite thing was when she brought me paper stars to hang from the ceiling.  Talk about instant ambiance.


3d paper stars | the hobby room diaries

Here are those same stars, but in a classier arrangement.  They would be great to hang in a window or from a chandelier or from branches like I have here.  Have you seen people using branches in their decor this year all over the blogsphere and Pinterest?  It’s because it looks awesome; just make sure you don’t skip the bug-check step before you bring them inside.

Gather your supplies:

heavy paper (I use watercolor paper, but scrapbook paper would work, too)
scrap paper (for template)
bone folder (or butter knife)
scoring board (optional, but useful if you have one)
glue gun
fishing line

Here’s the thing: making the stars is dead simple.  The hardest thing is making a template that you’re happy with.  Once you get some stars traced and cut out, you just score lines.  The other tricky part is making sure you score adjacent lines on opposite sides.  Or, score from center to the points on one side and the center to the corners on the other side.  You can’t have lines next to each other scored on the same side or you’ll just end up with a kind of dome-shaped star.  Not as cool.  Fold on the scored lines, then add a fishing line loop with hot glue and you’re good to go.


3d paper stars | the hobby room diaries
To make a four-point star, follow along with these pictures.  Score from corner to corner of the paper to form an “X” and then score down the middle both ways on the opposite side of the paper to form another “X”.  Cut from on middle score mark down to a point about a third of the way from the center point on the next score over (a diagonally scored line).  Cut from the next middle score mark to meet up with your previous cut on the diagonally scored line.  Repeat around to form the other three points.



Okay, time to fess up.  I originally told LB at A Step in the Journey that I was making “3D Glitter Stars” and I’m sure you can see there is no glitter here.  This is because I am terrible with glitter.  I ruined tried it on some and my husband told me it looked like a Kindergarten project (it’s true).  Cute when Kindergarteners do it, not so much here.   If you have adult-level glitter skills, some well-applied glitter could look really great.  Or, some metallic paint pen around the edges.  I prefer the clean simplicity of plain white, so that’s what I went with.
3d paper stars | the hobby room diaries

The beauty of the paper stars is that, while they go great with Christmas, they are great with any decor, year-round.  Think how cool a vase of these would look with that barn star on your wall or hanging from your patio umbrella for a summer S’mores ‘n Stargazing party.

3d paper stars | the hobby room diaries


My question to you: are you more likely to bring real branches inside, or buy fake ones?


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