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Candy Canes Centerpiece

candy cane centerpiece | the hobby room diaries

I love candy canes.  I love how they taste and how they look and how they remind me of Christmas.

These days, Christmas music gets played in October and the stores start putting out decorations and candy with Back to School supplies.  This summer our local drive-through espresso stand had egg nog.  In August!  But it seems that you really don’t start seeing candy canes until after Thanksgiving.  That, or I’m not very observant.

candy cane centerpiece | the hobby room diaries

The last couple weeks, it’s seemed like every store I go to is selling boxes of Bob’s (maker of the very best candy canes) for just a dollar.  How can I pass that up?  (“Very easily,” says the voice of my mom in my head.)  My father in law tells me that Spangler canes are the best, but I think these taste just perfect.  The very best thing about candy canes is the refreshing mint flavor, especially if you are outside when you eat one and these are minty without being spicy.

Here’s what I do not like about candy canes: it is impossible to unwrap one and have it stay in one piece.  And they don’t just break cleanly, you are left with tiny, sticky bits all over the counter, or floor, or carpet.

candy cane centerpiece | the hobby room diaries

As you can see, I have a surfeit of candy canes and when I tired of pulling them out of their annoying cardboard boxes for the boys, I decided to do something better.  The problem now is that I like what I made and am not giving the boys any more candy canes so it doesn’t get ruined.  This is probably for the best.  I am not going to bore you with a tutorial, as I’m pretty sure you can figure out how to do this yourself.

candy cane centerpiece | the hobby room diaries

My question to you: do you buy traditional peppermint or fancy flavors of candy canes?


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