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Painted Drumsticks

 painted drumsticks | the hobby room diaires

Yes, you are seeing that right, that’s a picture of my three-year-old with his new drum set.  We don’t do Santa, so I can’t even blame its arrival on that fat, jolly man.  No, it was my idea from the start.  And what kind of parents buy a real drum set for a three-year-old?  Well, either very stupid parents or very smart parents.

painted drum sticks | the hobby room diaries

Camo, you see, lives and breathes music.  He daily performs concerts on a variety of PaperJams guitars and could educate you on the differences between Questlove’s (the Roots) and Ricky Fitness’ (the Aquabats) drum kits.  He’s not just doing that cute little kid rock star thing, but he has a sense of rhythm and what I can only describe as “stage presence.”  So you can see, we had to get the drum set.  Also, all the “experts” will tell you that drums help kids with coordination and all sorts of other developmental things.  So, you should get your toddler a drum set, too.

painted drumsticks | the hobby room diaires
When we bought the drums, we also got a bunch of cheapo drumsticks and I had a great idea to dye them a la eighteen25’s dyed clothespins.  BUT, the drumsticks are poly coated, so they are pretty much dye-proof.  Also, colored sticks on white drum heads seemed like a poor idea on second thought.  I decided instead to paint and was originally going to dip and hang dry, but the amount of paint left after a dip is about fifty coats worth.  Or something like that.


And then I had a genius idea; it was a Christmas miracle!  (I say that only because I waited until Christmas Eve to do this project . . . bad idea.)  I dipped about half the length that I wanted painted, then twisted the stick against a roller sleeve up to the point I wanted the paint.  This is super fast and a lot less work than washing a bunch of brushes.  Wait until the paint is dry to go back and add stripes or dots or other embellishments.  Before you start, do a quick once-over with sand paper so the paint adheres well and don’t go more than half way down the drumsticks.

painted drumsticks | the hobby room diaires

The boys love their stylish drumsticks.  The drums are upstairs now and the noise is not an issue, so I might not have to dampen them after all like I was planning. So far I’m not at all regretting the choice and I think this puts me in the “very smart parents” camp.


My question to you: what crazy thing have you purchased or want to purchase for your kids?


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  1. Jo James says:

    We bought a drum set for our 3 year old too! We recognized his talent and went with it. That was 13 years ago. Now he's 16 and very involved in his school's band program. He plays in the drumline, jazz band, wind ensemble, concert band, and even does a Winter percussion program. And he's a great kid 🙂

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