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A Quilted Eyeglasses Case


quilted eyeglasses case | the hobby room diaries

Here’s something I struggle with: I feel compelled to volunteer for everything that comes my way if I have the skill to do it, whether I actually want to or not.  Teaching Sunday School, preschool edition?  Been there.  Joining our HOA’s Newsletter Committee? Done that.  Tiling a friend’s kitchen?  Yep, there’s another one.  Don’t get me wrong, I chip in with a smile on my face (because no one wants a bad attitude volunteering to help) and I have gotten better at saying no when I really don’t want to do something.

quilted eyeglasses case | the hobby room diaries

I get this from my mom.  I think she has now repainted the inside of their church in its entirety and once famously said that she would rather re-roof a person’s house than take them a casserole.  I imagine she is hoping no one ever takes her up on it.

quilted eyeglasses case | the hobby room diaries

So when my mother-in-law mentioned several years ago that she couldn’t find an eyeglasses case that was soft AND big enough to hold huge sunglasses, I automatically drove down to the fabric store to rectify the situation.  I wasn’t a very experienced seamstress back then, but I did the best I could.  As a non-crafty person, she was thrilled and totally impressed with her new accessories.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she just lost one of the eyeglasses cases, so, you guessed it, I made some new ones.

Here are instructions to make your own quilted eyeglasses case.  It’s pretty easy and these are basic, so there’s lots of room to make this your own.  I lined these with fleece, but some flannel or even a microfiber cleaning cloth would make a great dual-purpose lining.  To make this a little more sturdy, use some Pellon or Timtex interfacing or a piece of craft foam.
Gather your materials:
1/4 yard fabric each outside and lining
coordinating thread
round elastic cord
sewing needle
paper, pencil, ruler and scissors
rotary cutter and mat
sewing machine
1. Make a template.  When folded, mine was 7 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide (my MIL favors large sunglasses), so adjust yours accordingly.  Since it’s basically a square, I am going to let you do this one on your own, I know you can do it.  Add a flap, make sure the whole thing is square/even and cut out the template.

2. Stack the lining and outside fabrics and lay the template on top and center on your cutting mat.  The correct thing to do here is pin the template and fabrics together, but I didn’t, so you can get away with that, too.  Cut around the template with the rotary cutter.

3. Place fabrics right sides together.  Insert a loop of elastic at the point of the flap with the loop between the layers and the ends sticking out and pin in place.  The loop should be big enough to just go around your button with a little extra for what sticks out in the seam allowance.

4. Sew all edges that will be exposed on the glasses case: this would be the edge of the flap and the opposite edge that the flap folds over.  Turn right side out.

5. Now it’s time to do the quilting.  Pin in various places to keep the fabrics from shifting and begin sewing parallel lines evenly across the fabric.  Once you’ve gone all the way across, turn the fabric and sew evenly spaced parallel lines perpendicular to the first set of lines to form squares.  One great way to do this if you are hesitant about doing this free form is to cover the fabric with strips of masking tape with just a small space between the strips.  Sew between the strips, remove the tape, and repeat for the perpendicular lines.

6. Attach the button to the outside of the case.  Fold the case together as it will be when finished and pin the button in place where it should go.  Sew the button on with needle and thread.


7. Fold the case right sides together and finish the inside seams.  Turn right side out again and you’re all done.  You have your own quilted eyeglasses case.

If you make your own eyeglasses case, I want to see how you put your twist on it, so send me some pictures.  Here’s what I want to know: what is your favorite thing to volunteer for and your least favorite?


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  1. marlaken says:

    My glasses are always coming out of their case leaving my glasses floating around in the bottom of my purse. I like this glass case, looks stylish and glasses should stay in place. Thank you. ~ Marla

  2. These are great! I have a case for my sunglasses but the top is open. Maybe I should just add a button and elastic to it to help keep it closed in my purse. Hmmmm….
    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow. 🙂

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