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Ladies’ Craft Day: Framed Memo Boards

framed memo boards | the hobby room diaries

Last weekend I joined a group of ladies from church for a crafty afternoon get together.  We chatted, we snacked, we made stuff, it was great.  I got a lot of great ideas for things to show you down the road, including some fabulous felt flowers and ice cream cone tea cups.  I showed people how to make these framed memo boards and I want to show you, too.

I found this frame at Target and picked it for the color, but the fact that it’s a floating frame really ended up being the best part.  With a floating frame, you can make double-sided memo boards and who doesn’t need more places to leave notes or lists?  I’m one of those obsessive list people who adds things to a list that I already finished just so I can cross them off, so I can always use more list space.

framed memo boards | the hobby room diaries

Here’s what you will need:

floating picture frame
patterned paper
white vellum
dry erase marker
craft vinyl and cutter (Cricut, Silhouette, or some such)
glue gun
paper trimmer

1. Open up your frame and measure the size of your glass.  Cut patterned paper to the same size as the glass.  Cut the vellum smaller than the paper by an inch on each side.

2. Stack the vellum and paper between the glass panes and slide back into the frame.  It’s a great idea to keep the paper insert that came with the frame between the paper pieces so there’s enough pressure to keep the vellum from shifting.

3. Using your craft vinyl cutter, cut out the words you are adding to your memo board.  Try memo, groceries, to do, words of wisdom, notes, or fyi.  The best way to get the letters on straight is to use tweezers and draw a straight line across the class with the dry erase marker.

4.  Cut a 4-6 inch piece of ribbon.  Fold under 1/4 inch of the ribbon on one end and secure with a small dab of hot glue, then glue to one edge of the side of the frame, as in the picture.  Using your dry erase marker to judge, cut the ribbon to an appropriate length making sure to allow for the 1/4 inch fold under.  Secure the other side of the ribbon to the frame forming a loop to hold the pen.  You may need to slightly angle the loop so the pen doesn’t slide out.

These memo boards are entirely customizable to your tastes and preferences making it perfect for any room, purpose or decor.  You really can’t beat that.

framed memo boards | the hobby room diaries

What about you, where do you stand on list making or memo board using?  Do you need lists and memo boards to make it through the day?  Or do you hate being tied to a list and never make them?


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