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A recipe fail

a recipe fail | the hobby room diaries

In spite of the title “recipe fail”, maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, that looks delicious, I would totally eat that.”  And you’re right, it does look pretty good.  However, this is what it tastes like:

Okay, well, I wouldn’t say it tastes like poison, but I think yuck is pretty good approximation.  I had big plans to make these yummy Oreo truffles with the special edition Birthday Cake Oreos and dip them in chocolate and cover with rainbow sprinkles.  It was going to be the most colorful, chocolaty luscious treat ever. Ever.  But alas, it was not to be. Recipe Fail City.
a recipe fail | the hobby room diaries


Once I realized the failure of this recipe, I decided to try and salvage it and dress it up so it wouldn’t be a total waste.  I gave some to the boys who will eat anything with whipped cream on top and the Mister did try it and say it was okay.  And “okay” is good enough, right?  I figured I would tweak the recipe so I could post be done with it.  And then I snapped out of it.
Why in the world would you follow a blog where the recipes might be just okay?  Where you never know if you’re using your time and ingredients on a real winner or a total loser?  That’s a waste of your time and money.  I personally would not continue following a blog if I knew low-quality recipes were being posted just to take up space.  There are so many great food blogs out there that you don’t have to stand for substandard recipes.
From an ethics standpoint, I don’t feel right putting something out there that I hated and trying to convince you to make it.  However you made your way to the hobby room diaries, I want to you stick around because you know that I am posting quality, honest recipes and craft projects.  This is my promise to you: if I or someone I know doesn’t think a recipe I have made is delicious, I will not post it.  No recipe fails will ever be posted.  If I wouldn’t consider making a recipe again, I am not going to tell you to try it.
Now back to the Oreo debacle.
First, happy 100th birthday to the iconic favorite.  Second, if you like (fake) cake flavoring, get to the store and buy some of the Birthday Cake Oreos.  They smell really good at first and are pretty tasty.  I love that they flecked the filling with colorful sprinkles, so festive.  But after a while they started to remind me of Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion which I wore when I was pregnant and morning sick and is now nauseating.  If you have never been pregnant before, STOP USING YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS when you become pregnant or you will hate them for the rest of your life.  I digress.
I may still make the Oreo truffles down the road, but I’m a little Oreo-ed out right now.  This did put me in the mood for a good chocolate mousse, though, so expect to see that sometime soon.
Do you have any recent recipe fails?  Any foods/scents you can’t stand courtesy of pregnancy or other polarizing incident?

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  1. Hahahah! Love this post!! I certainly do have a few pregnancy related aversions, Costco Salmon Burgers is the most vivid still.
    I had a recipe fail last fall that I also blogged about, and noted that it was a failure. It's good to be honest with ourselves and our readers.
    Thanks for giving me the leftover cookies! hahaha! Now I see where they came from. I'll see what I can do to re-invent them in my kitchen.

  2. I completely agree with your ethics – why simply fill space with untested or mediocre results? I've known a number of friends who have found recipes off blogs, attempted them, been utterly disappointed, and sworn off that blog forever… Anyway, I'm glad you shared your experience – I know the feeling 😉

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