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Layered Paint Chip Art

layered paint chip art | the hobby room diaries

When I was getting paint chips for the notebooks I showed you a couple days ago, I wasn’t sure which size I wanted to use, so I grabbed a variety and ended-up with some leftovers.  It seems like a total waste to just toss the extras, so I spent some time playing around with different ideas.  There are tons of ideas out there for using paint chips, but I don’t ever see ideas using the paint chips that have the cute little squares cut out of them.  So I give you this: swatches cut, taped, and taped some more into paint chip art.

Find these paint chips with the square holes cut out–handy for matching and contrasting colors, even more handy for crafting.


Cut the swatches into strips, removing the white strip between each color.
Working with the strips upside down, lay one strip down, then lay another on top with the solid end of the top strip over the square cut-out of the bottom strip.


Lay another strip on the stack, solid end over the exposed square cut-out.


Add the final strip with the solid end over the exposed square cut-out and with the square cut-out of the new strip under the solid end of the first strip.


You end up with a woven square that looks like how you fold in the side flaps to close a cardboard box.


Secure the woven square with a square of packing (or other) tape.


layered paint chip art | the hobby room diaries
Voila!  And because it’s only taped on the back, the top pops up a little and adds some dimension.


layered paint chip art | the hobby room diaries
I made a bunch and arranged in rainbow pattern.  To get the right colors in the right places, you can see that I had to cut some of the squares in half and quarters and those needed to be taped in a few spots to make sure they stayed together.  Once you get going, you’ll get the hang of where the tape needs to go.


layered paint chip art | the hobby room diaries
I picked up this square frame in the “as-is” section at IKEA for $10 with no problems that I could see and with picture hanging wire already attached!  The white seemed like a great background to make the colors pop, so I blue-taped everything down so I could make changes once it was all in place.


layered paint chip art | the hobby room diaries

And there you go.  Paint chips and tape = easy art and adds a huge splash of color.  I think these would look amazing with a couple frames in a row with all one color in each, like greens, lighter yellows and corals/pinks in three different frames to make kind of a watermelon-y, summer display.

What’s your favorite think you’ve made with something you didn’t want to throw away?


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  1. I love this! So beautiful. I would love one in purple and green tones for my house, someplace fun….maybe the kitchen! I don't do crafts too often, but might actually try this one, because it looks affordable and relatively easy. Thanks for sharing your idea. I'll be posting it on my FB page too, since it's a good use for LeftoverS!! 🙂
    My favorite thing ever made with old magazines, was a Nalgene bottle, all ModPodged up with cute pictures. WE also made a child sized car out of large cardboard box last summer.

  2. Charlotte from AZ says:

    This is awesome!!! And so is the little Paint Chip Note Pads!! Very very clever!! I know I’m a few years late…but just saw this on Pinterest and had to tell you … I love it!! Merry Christmas 2016

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