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Technique of the Week: Paint Chip Banner

paint chip banner | the hobby room diaries

I’m leaving you with one last project before I let the paint chip thing go for a while.  I have been hanging a paint chip banner in my breakfast nook window and from my mantel for a while and just love how it looks. And it’s so easy to match your decor or the holiday by picking different colors.  I actually keep different sets in envelopes, each paint chip banner labeled with the holiday or occasion and still on the string, so I can pull it out and hang in just minutes.

I leave Command Adhesive hooks up all the time on windows and mantels, which works great for me because the hooks are all white or clear and my trim is all white.  You need wide rectangular swatches for this paint chip banner project to work the best.  In addition, you need a hole punch, paper trimmer or scissors, and string or baker’s twine.  I’ll warn you, this was one of my first posts and I’m not going to say I’m not proud of it, but I will say that I’ve come a long way.

paint chip banner | the hobby room diaries
What is your go-to decorating item that you always have around?

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