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Frosted Mason Jars

frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries

I get a mini magazine from Lowe’s called Lowe’s Creative Ideas (you can subscribe here) and it is always full of things that I want to try.  I fold down the corners of the pages I like, then promptly forget about the projects, which is why I need to make some sort of ideas notebook for the things that I rip out of magazines and the like.  Anyway, there’s been one idea that has just been lurking in the back of my mind and I finally had the occasion to use it and thought I would show all of you.  I give you: frosted mason jar votive holders.

frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries

What I love is the clean simplicity of mason jars and the contrast of color with the frosted glass.  Lowe’s suggests making these frosted mason jars for Mother’s Day, but they really are perfect for any time and any decor.  Change the color and design according to holiday or decorating theme or whatever else you can think of.  I am not a huge candle user, so plan to use mine to hold candles and as vases holding flowers.  I think using small jars with people’s names on them would be a fun, unique place card and take home for guests at a dinner party. You can find the original project from Lowe’s here.

frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries

The project is pretty simple and you don’t really need any special supplies.  Start with:

  • clean, clear canning jar with band
  • frosting spray
  • spray paint
  • painter’s tape
  • plastic grocery bag
  • design template
The hardest part of the whole project is picking the design you want and transferring it to the jar.  The absolute easiest way is to cut out a design with a Cricut or Silhouette machine onto vinyl.  Alternatively, print a design on a piece of paper, cut it out to make a template, then trace onto painter’s tape and cut out.
frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries
1.  Apply the design to a smooth side of your jar.  Make sure that all edges are pressed tightly to the jar.
2.  Apply three coats of frosting spray to the jar, coating thoroughly.  Frosting spray dries extremely quickly, so the time you need to wait before re-coating is minimal, probably 30 minutes.  It is better to do more thin coats than fewer thick coats, so aim to coat evenly and lightly.
3.  Once fully frosted, allow the jar to dry thoroughly.  I like to overestimate times when it comes to paint, so I let it dry for a whole day, but that might be overkill.
4.  Cut open a plastic grocery bag, creating a straight edge, and tape it in an even, straight line around the bottom of the jar, about one or two inches from the bottom.  Make sure the whole top of the jar is covered by the bag and then tuck the remaining ends up into the jar.


5.  Spray both the bottom of the jar and the band with spray paint, doing two light, even coats.  Let dry at least one day.
6.  Carefully peel tape and grocery bag off the jar, followed by the design.  If the band still feels a bit tacky, let it dry longer, but once it is dry, screw it onto the jar and you have yourself a fancy new frosted mason jar candle holder.
frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries


There’s a blog I read, Craftaholics Anonymous, that does a handmade gift exchange.  I participated for the first time in the last one that took place around the holidays and now am participating again in the summer-edition exchange.  The woman whose name I drew has red accents in her home and collects crowns because she is known as the Queen, so I thought a set of frosted mason jars would be perfect for her.  Want to see what other people made or be involved with the next exchange?  Just click the logo button to be taken straight there.  As soon as I get whatever the person who drew me made, I’ll be posting so you can see.
frosted mason jars | the hobby room diaries

Like the crown for my exchange partner, what design or image would people associate with you?



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