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As American as baseball (and apple pie)

Sorry friends, no apple pie for you today.  Well, probably some apple pie for me and the family, but none to share.  Unless you want to come over for a barbecue and watch fireworks?  The boys are still young enough that sparklers and pop-its are the height of fireworks excitement and this is just fine with me.  I’m happy to watch the big ones that other people buy.  I am actually really excited for sparklers this year because I want to try some photography tricks with exposure time and a tripod–I hope I have some really cool pictures to show you in a couple days.

America and the Fourth of July to me means pies (apple or cherry), grilling, fireworks, parades, Ray Charles singing “America, the Beautiful”, baseball, and because it’s the PNW, rain.  We are spending this Fourth grilling dinner, ending with pie, listening to Ray Charles on the way to a super fireworks-watching spot and before all this skipping the parade to go to a baseball game.

The Mariners are not the best team in baseball, but they have a fantastic stadium; the Mister has been to quite a few and says this is one of the best.  Safeco Field has a beautiful view of downtown and Puget Sound and easily the largest selection of above average ballpark food.  Not only do we have fresh-cooked Thai food, barbecued pulled-pork, and carne asada nachos, but we have sushi.  (Thank you, Ichiro.)  The boys’ favorite treat is the Shish-ka-berry, a towering baton of chocolate-covered strawberries.  And hey, it’s fruit, so it can’t be that bad.  Also, sometimes they let kids run around the bases at the end of the game.

America! America!

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing.  I hope you also get to spend the holiday doing something uniquely American with people you love.  Because that’s what our great country is about right? The freedom to make choices, both big and small, like who you love and what flavor of pie you eat.  God bless America!

What are your Fourth of July traditions?



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