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Sew Your Own Roman Blinds

sew roman blinds

Oh. Happy. Day.  I finished the roman blinds that I’ve been working on for my kitchen and breakfast nook.  One great thing about this house: HUGE windows.  One negative thing about this house: HUGE windows.  I love the light that comes in, but during the summer the sun sends hot, sizzling rays right into the place were we spend our time and it’s pretty miserable.

Enter the roman blinds.  I’ve been sewing and pressing and sewing some more which is a laborious process when you have six-foot-wide windows.  It was totally worth the work, though; I have definitely noticed a difference in the afternoon/evening temperature in the house with the windows covered.  What a relief.

the blah Before
the classier After

I used two different tutorials and my own modifications to make these roman blinds and I decided partway through to not do a tutorial for you all.  Alissa at 33 Shades of Green did a super job describing what you need to do and she took great pictures and you can get a different perspective on the same project from Martha Stewart.  Overall, this is not a difficult project, it’s just time consuming (and that’s only if you have big windows).  If you need shades and don’t sew, never fear, you can still have custom roman blinds.  Oh yeah, you heard me right, check this out.

I can never resist a chance to use Command adhesive strips, so instead of installing cord cleats and putting holes in the window trim I just put up two hooks back to back vertically.  Quick and easy.  It’s especially nice because I can move the hooks easily if I want.  Say, hypothetically, that the hooks are too easy for small finger to reach and mess with, there’s a good time to move them.

sew roman blinds

Okay, that’s all.  I just wanted to show you what I’ve been up to.  What project/recipes are you working on this summer?


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