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Chicken Adobo and a Cookbook Review

chicken adobo

One of my favorite parts about blogging is connecting with other like-minded bloggers, especially bloggers that live in the same area as I do.  To that end, months ago I joined a facebook page for Seattle-area bloggers and it has been a fun group to be a part of–there are real-life meet-ups to network and talk about blogging and the page itself is a great forum for sharing information and getting advice.  Through the page  I recently got my very own copy of The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook direct from local author Pat Tanumihardja to review.  Pat just launched the paperback version of her cookbook and has a short book trailer that you can watch on her blog.

I have spent many an afternoon flipping through the book and I’ll tell you, it’s a real gem.  I think anyone would agree that food cooked by any grandmother, with the love and tradition that implies, is food to be savored.  Pat has interviewed a number of grandmothers and put their stories and recipes in this book, so it’s full of history and the good food that people remember.  And I think my favorite part is that she covered pretty much all Asian grandmothers and food–the book has Southeast Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean stories and recipes.

As much as I like reading cookbooks (and I very much do and have the Eat Your Books account to prove it), I want to know before I buy that the recipes are just as good as they look in the pictures.  Well, I’ve got good news: Pat has posted some of the recipes from her book on her blog.  Right there for you to test.  I know, pretty sweet, right?

I made chicken adobo the other day for lunch (and then again today) while the Mister was outside working on a project and he told me to close the kitchen window while I was cooking because it smelled good and was making him hungry.  I had never had this vinegary-salty braised Filipino dish before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but what I got was beyond delicious.

chicken adobo


Chicken Adobo


I halved the recipe because there were just three of us eating and I did add the coconut milk like Pat suggests in the notes, which added extra depth of flavor and creaminess and you know me, I just like adding coconut milk to things.  Let me also add that if you opt to fry chicken pieces, which I did and it was totally worth it, make sure that you blot off all the moisture you can and stand back when you put the chicken in the hot pan.  And wear long sleeves.  Because you will probably still get splattered by hot oil.  I served the chicken adobo with quinoa instead of rice because it’s tasty and so very healthy and you can go here if you are saying, “keen-what?”

So here’s my advice to you: cook some chicken adobo without delay.  You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already so there’s no excuse.  You can find the recipe on Pat’s blog and while you’re there take a look around and see what other deliciousness she’s been cooking.  Next, go find yourself a copy of the The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook or add it to your wishlist, this is a good book to have on your shelf.

chicken adobo

Do you have a favorite cookbook?  I suppose that’s not a fair questions as I would never be able to narrow down to just one, so how about: what are your top three (or more) cookbooks?



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