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Coconut Oil Potato Chips

coconut oil potato chips | the hobby room diaries

I like snacks, they are my making-good-food-decisions downfall.  Especially, I like potato chips.  In my mind I call myself a potato chip connoisseur because that sounds better than potato chip hog or potato chip vacuum.  I do have some standards:

  • No potato chips that are baked, popped, or come in a can.  Those aren’t potato chips, those are crackers made out of mashed potato flakes.
  • No crazy flavors–pickle, ketchup (I’m talking to you, Canada), chicken and waffle, BLT, and maple bacon (sorry Kettle Chips, you know I love you) will ever pass these lips.
  • No unnecessarily greasy chips and if the chips are greasy, no industrial seed oils (this is how they make them, it’s super gross).
coconut oil potato chips | the hobby room diaries
(chips sliced 1/16″ thick, light and crispy, chips curl and fold)
coconut oil potato chips | the hobby room diaries
(chips sliced 1/8″ thick, more substantial, chip stays flatter)

My perfect chip is thick-cut and kettle-cooked in expeller-pressed sunflower seed oil with a light sprinkle of sea salt and is doubled-over in the middle, because the folded ones are the best.  Ideally, I would like a coconut oil potato chip, but there’s only one place I’ve found that makes them, Honest Chips in Colorado, and over time I think the shipping would be a little much.  So I set out to make my own and I just happened to have a jar of the very best coconut oil sent to me to try from the lovely people at Tropical Traditions.  Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is creamy and snowy white, with just a hint of coconut aroma, and it melts like a dream.

So I sliced a couple baking potatoes on my mandoline slicer and dropped them into a pot with an inch or so of super hot coconut oil (that did not exceed 350 degrees, for those keeping track of that kind of thing) and once “chip” had been achieved, I rescued the potatoes from their bath, drained them on paper towels and sprinkled them with sea salt.  Perfection.  Oh, and then I may or may not have dipped some of the lucky chips in melted dark chocolate.  Because I’ll be honest, sweet and salty is really my favorite kind of snack.
coconut oil potato chips | the hobby room diaries

Here are a couple tips that will make your chip-making better.

  • As you’re slicing, drop stacks of slices into a bowl of cold water so they don’t discolor.
  • Before you drop the potato slices in the hot oil, shake off excess water and make sure most of the pot is covered because any remaining water will cause hot oil to splash out of the pan and on to you.  Ouch.
  • When you’re done frying, strain the coconut oil into a lidded container and save for another batch of potato chips or whatever else you might need to fry.

Are you a sweet snacker?  Or a salty snacker?  Or do you mix them?


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