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And now I’m back . . .

. . . from outer space.  I’ll pause to let you finish singing.

Okay, now we’re all back.  I never meant to be gone from blogging for so long.  I meant to take a planned several-week-long break and get right back to it, but obviously, that didn’t happen.  I wish I had a good excuse involving spotty internet coverage and something cool, such as climbing K2 or trolling Loch Ness for a monster or actually going to outer space.  But alas, no such excuse exists, because here is the truth:

I was lazy.

It’s sad, but entirely true.  A weird thing happened in my absence, though.  While I was off gallivanting and not blogging, my blog kept growing.  My little website is more popular now than it ever was and for that, my heartfelt thanks goes out to both the original readers who’ve stuck with me and the new readers who joined on while I was gone.  Much gratitude also goes out to those family and friends who have asked why I haven’t posted for a while and encouraged me to keep the blog going.  And so I’m back.

I'm back | the hobby room diaries

Lately, I have really missed posting and connecting with all of you, so when I was listing out my goals for the year, I added “write one blog post a week” to the list alongside “try a new vegetable each month” and “have a monthly marriage check-up”.

What I’d like to know from you now that I’m back is what kind of posts you’d like to see this year.  Are there any foods or crafts or projects you think I should try?  Let me know and I’ll get right on it.


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