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Hello friends, I’m Jody. If we’ve met before, great! If not, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

About me specifically, I’m a childhood lip-sync champion, a tax-prep and Horatio Hornblower enthusiast, and a hoarder of yoga pants and cookbooks.  Why “the hobby room diaries” name?  Hobbies keep me sane and happy and allow me to take better care of my family because I’m taking time for myself.  My husband and I recently switched to paleo eating and love it, so that’s become the focus of my cooking and baking.  Outside of food, my interests range from sewing, photography and gardening, to decorating, crafts, and woodworking.  There’s a little bit of everything.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my lively and supportive family. I am the wife of a wonderful man and the mom of two rambunctious boys and they are all a huge blessing to me. All three of these guys are easy-going and understanding when it comes to accommodating the various craft/baking/painting/knitting supplies I leave laying around and the times I get wrapped-up in my projects du jour and forget things like making lunch. Or helping people beat levels on Wii LEGO games.

I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you find something that inspires you.  If you have questions or feedback or just want to chat, you can e-mail me at jody@thehobbyroomdiaries.com.


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  1. Kate says:

    Hey, Jody! I like your blog and following now, I would be glad if you'd follow my too)
    I actually wrote this first of all because I am a huge fan of collecting Starbucks city mugs too)))
    Happy Holidays!
    P.S. great pictures!

  2. Gabrigault says:

    Love your eyeglass case with the flap. I'm going to make some for the boutique at our quilt show in the spring. Thanks!

  3. Anna says:

    Hi Jody, I always enjoy discovering other people with a story similar to mine. I also started Paleo during pregnancy when I failed my 3 hour test. I found the concept more punishing than the practice. When it became clear after the birth that my blood sugar problems were here to stay, I knew had to embrace this way of eating for good. It was just as you said. Somehow I ended up not missing all the processed food and sugar. It happened pretty fast too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing, it's really inspiring.

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