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Gold Leaf Pillows

No, not that kind of gold leaf.  I mean leaf pillows where the leaf happens to be gold.  My apologies if you were hoping for pillows covered in thinly hammered gold. When we moved into this house a couple years ago, I made the decision, after prompting from my color-genius mom to paint our living …

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Sew a (cute) Half Apron

My good friend Lindsey who blogs at Leftovers Lady recently hosted a pop-up kitchen consignment sale here in Seattle.  I didn’t have any quality used kitchen goods (spatula with a tiny chunk missing, anyone?) and I offered to make some aprons to contribute.  Sewing a half apron for myself has been on my list for …

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Frosted Mason Jars

I get a mini magazine from Lowe’s called Lowe’s Creative Ideas (you can subscribe here) and it is always full of things that I want to try.  I fold down the corners of the pages I like, then promptly forget about the projects, which is why I need to make some sort of ideas notebook …

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Even Easier DIY Cake Stands

I have a growing obsession with cake stands.  There is something so classy about putting food and other things on a decorative plate that is elevated above the table.  It seems that I’m not the only one interested in cake stands lately and they are popping up in every style, size, and color at a …

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Re-potting Succulents

Do you know what the easiest plant to grow ever is?  Not orchids.  Not Meyer lemons.  Not plumeria.  Not bamboo (yeah, I know, bamboo should be pretty easy, right?)  The easiest plant to grow ever is anything from the sedum family.  If you haven’t heard of sedums, you may have heard of succulents.  And succulents …

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Layered Paint Chip Art

When I was getting paint chips for the notebooks I showed you a couple days ago, I wasn’t sure which size I wanted to use, so I grabbed a variety and ended-up with some leftovers.  It seems like a total waste to just toss the extras, so I spent some time playing around with different …

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