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DIY Wool Dryer Balls

I’m just going to come out and say it, I have a thing against dryer sheets.  The scented ones smell too overpowering and chemically for me.  The unscented ones might smell better, but I know they’re still leaving chemicals on my clothes and I’m pretty much always going to vote against adding chemicals to my …

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DIY Tie-Dyed Crayons

In the process of doing some cleaning recently, I rescued a bag of sad-looking crayons from church.  The zip-top bag itself was opaque from much use and what remained of the crayon wrappers were dirty and stained from toddler fingers and old age.  Nevertheless, I brought the sorry mess home because I have always wanted …

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DIY Fabric Napkins

Do you ever get stumped on something and rather than deal with it, you put it off and make excuses to not do it?  And then once you put it off a couple times, it becomes easier to continue avoiding and daunting to even think about tackling.  That’s this blog post.  I’ve had the fabric …

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Sew Your Own Roman Blinds

Oh. Happy. Day.  I finished the roman blinds that I’ve been working on for my kitchen and breakfast nook.  One great thing about this house: HUGE windows.  One negative thing about this house: HUGE windows.  I love the light that comes in, but during the summer the sun sends hot, sizzling rays right into the …

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