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Gold Leaf Pillows

No, not that kind of gold leaf.  I mean leaf pillows where the leaf happens to be gold.  My apologies if you were hoping for pillows covered in thinly hammered gold. When we moved into this house a couple years ago, I made the decision, after prompting from my color-genius mom to paint our living …

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Frosted Mason Jars

I get a mini magazine from Lowe’s called Lowe’s Creative Ideas (you can subscribe here) and it is always full of things that I want to try.  I fold down the corners of the pages I like, then promptly forget about the projects, which is why I need to make some sort of ideas notebook …

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Painted Drumsticks

  Yes, you are seeing that right, that’s a picture of my three-year-old with his new drum set.  We don’t do Santa, so I can’t even blame its arrival on that fat, jolly man.  No, it was my idea from the start.  And what kind of parents buy a real drum set for a three-year-old? …

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