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Black Truffle Salt

Just the other day, I got my first whiff of that swoon-worthy truffle aroma and man, was it delicious. My husband has an Oregon-based colleague who truffle hunts in her spare time.  Knowing I like to cook, she shared a black winter truffle she and her intrepid hound unearthed just days before a meeting both …

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Fancy Grilled Cheese, Part III

This is the final day of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches and I’m doing one for the boys.  (To see the other sandwiches, click here and here.)  I think most people would agree that grilled cheese is excellent kid food.  I mean, it’s on pretty much every kid’s menu out there regardless of the type …

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Fancy Grilled Cheese, Part II

And we’re back with another fancy grilled cheese favorite.  (If you missed yesterday, go here to read about grilled provolone with pesto and roasted red peppers.)  My favorite cheese indulgence as of late is tangy, creamy brie.  It is part of one of my favorite appetizers along with caramelized onions and mushrooms, so today I’m …

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