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DIY Tie-Dyed Crayons

In the process of doing some cleaning recently, I rescued a bag of sad-looking crayons from church.  The zip-top bag itself was opaque from much use and what remained of the crayon wrappers were dirty and stained from toddler fingers and old age.  Nevertheless, I brought the sorry mess home because I have always wanted …

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Layered Paint Chip Art

When I was getting paint chips for the notebooks I showed you a couple days ago, I wasn’t sure which size I wanted to use, so I grabbed a variety and ended-up with some leftovers.  It seems like a total waste to just toss the extras, so I spent some time playing around with different …

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Paint Chip Notepads

In case you missed the my guest post last week for Caitlin at Hardly Housewives, here it is. I met Caitlin when she won my very first blog giveaway for a box of Penzey’s Spices.  In the package I mailed Caitlin, along with a sample box of Penzey’s Spices, I threw in some of my …

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