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Ten on Ten: August

We had the opportunity to spend part of last week at a house on the ocean near Tillamook, Oregon with some really fantastic friends.  Spending the day playing at the beach–flying kites, building castles, and wading–is my kind of vacation.  There was no TV at the beach house and I was so happy to notice …

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Ten on Ten: July

Unbelievably, another month has gone by and it’s time for another Ten on Ten.  We are making end-of-August plans and it’s making me feel like the summer is already over when it’s only just begun.  Up here in the Pacific Northwest summer begins on July 5th, never fails, so it’s just now getting warm.  The …

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Ten on Ten: June

I am linking up again with the photo challenge Ten on Ten from a bit of sunshine this month.  You might notice, though, that it’s way past the 10th of June.  Actually, I got confused on dates and took the photos on June the 9th and then spaced and forgot to post.  Flaky, I know.  Not familiar with Ten …

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Ten on Ten: May

I have been a reader of this super cute blog, a bit of sunshine, for a while and finally decided to take part in Rebecca’s photo challenge/project called Ten on Ten.  I know there are a lot of photo challenges out there and I really thought about doing the photo-a-day for a year thing this …

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