December 13, 2018

What Are The Different Types of Sex Toys and How Can You Use Them?

Sex toys nowadays appear in many bedrooms today more often than in the past, in case few natives come to think of them somewhat unpleasant. Men probably think the vibrator is a substitute for them. You may feel confident that it is your own delight. Nevertheless, love toys build intimacy, accelerate the excitement of a woman (if she likes vibration) and help to close an ‘orgasm gap’ when a man usually culminates faster than a woman. Before buying read the guide on how to use sex toys.

Vibrators: They are available in different sizes, volume, and performance. If you are just starting out with toys, choose the primary options. Or better yet, have a cooking date first or watch porn for couples to set the mood.

Dildos: They do not work, they usually have the shape of a penis, be deployed when penetrating into a spouse.

Vibrating Finger stimulators: Add vibrations to hand-to-hand games, put on your finger, and move vibrations to the desired location. It can be used both by you and with a partner and is suitable for both women, men, and LGBT couples. Try to stroke a scrotum or nipple during oral sex and get more excitement.

Together, you can buy them on the internet; choose those that suit you both. You’ll get even closer.

It is absolutely essential that you thoroughly wash your aid before and after use, preferably with antibacterial soap, but never immerse the battery compartment or the entire vibrator in the water. The only exception is waterproof or waterproof vibrators and aids. To prevent degradation of the product during washing, the non-watertight tools need not be rubbed under water but must be cleaned with a damp cloth. Never immerse your erotic aid in water. Never use chemical cleaning agents, do not cook or expose to high temperatures. Always dry the product thoroughly and store it without batteries. This prevents degradation by running out of battery power. Erotic aids use a condom. This prevents the transmission of sex or bacterial diseases. If you are using an anal stimulation aid, do not use it for vaginal stimulation. If you want to do so before each such use, wash the toy thoroughly and replace the condom.

Types of erotic goods in a sex shop

Underwear: Only washable and handy. Make clothes still wet. All erotic underwear is not intended for normal wearing and after the hygienic seal is damaged, it is not possible to return the garments for hygienic reasons. Anti rape underwear, lockable undies that can deter an attacker and prevent what it terms “a completed rape”.

Anal Tools: Anal instruments include anal vibrators, pins, beads, and the same principle of using a sufficient amount of lubricant that is appropriate for the given aid material. For anal sex, use ejaculation tools that are labeled as anal, that have the appropriate size, the correct shape with the extended base, or the pull-out cord to prevent the device from slipping into the rectum.

Thrust rings: Elastic rings support erection. Violent achievement of a larger circumference of the ring (more than 100% of its circumference) can result in product degradation. When using a throttling ring, do not leave the pencil ring for too long. This will prevent potential health problems.

Vacuum pumps: To achieve an erection, apply a minimum amount of vacuum to the pump. We recommend applying the lubricant to the pump opening and, after using the pump, deploy the erection ring to withstand the condition. Stop using the pump if pain occurs. Consult your doctor if you have any complications. Incorrect use of the pump may result in swelling of the penis or injury.

Vibrators, dildos: Different shapes, sizes, materials, and usage options result in a varying need for maintenance and use. Stop using the aid if pain occurs when insertion occurs. Use a suitable lubricant gel according to the aid material. For new materials that mimic human skin do not use silicone-based gels. There may be a change in the surface to damage the functionality. These materials require gels essentially based on water.

Love Balls: Whatever sizes and shapes or materials all have the same rule, they should be inserted continuously for only a few hours.

Lubricating gels:  Expert recommend using erotic aids even with the sexual act itself. You need to choose the right kind of lubricating gel to help you make your sexual experiences more enjoyable. In general, there are two types of gels. Water-based and silicone-based.

Inflatable dolls: By overreacting the virgin, you risk her bursting. After cleaning, dry thoroughly, but do not store it on the heater or near a strong heat source. Do not overload the virgin load. more information is found at

Materials for erotic aids

Latex: It is rubber with a stronger and stiffer character than silicone and gel, but when it gets warm it will soften. However, it is flexible and durable with a porous surface. People with allergy to rubber (latex) may experience an allergic reaction. Erotic aid in this case is always recommended to use with a condom.

Silicone: It is a soft artificial rubber, naturally smooth, velvety and relatively pores-free. During use, it quickly heats up the body temperature it keeps, giving it the impression of reality. Be careful not to damage your teeth, nails or jewelry. Small slices easily spread in the crack and the tool will be degraded.

Gel: Several types of gel materials offer you a different soft stretch structure with a solid surface. It looks like silicone and works likewise realistically. Silicone is present in some gel toys, so we do not recommend the use of silicone gels.

Synthetic material and metal: The tools from these materials have a hard surface usually smooth, sometimes scored or rough. The hardness of these materials transmits vibrations more easily than soft materials.

NatureSkin and other hi-tech materials: New materials imitating human skin such as NatureSkin, Futurotic, SoftTouch do not use silicone-based gels. There may be a change in the surface to damage the functionality. These materials require gels essentially free of silicones.

Skin: It is a natural material that also requires gentle use, and it is necessary to follow the instructions for proper maintenance. The skin must not come into contact with plenty of water. If you need to clean the skin, always use a specialized cleaner.

The warranty period is 24 months. Under no circumstances can the warranty period be reversed with the life of the products. Product life is determined by the way and intensity of use, that is, by means of intensive use, the product life may be less than the warranty period.

If the erotic aid does not work, check before making a claim whether the batteries are correctly inserted at their negative and positive poles and that the contacts are connected.

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