December 28, 2018

13 Women Reveal The Effectivity of Yoni Eggs

You can do different exercises with your yoni eggs. Certainly in the beginning we advise you to be actively and consciously busy with your egg for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Later you can also train less actively; you can also keep the egg for a whole night while you sleep. You can also combine the exercises with self-examination or an opportunity to masturbate.

Develop your sexuality

With Yoni eggs you develop your feminine sexuality and strength that gives you confidence. You get to know your body and yoni (vagina) better, whatever you grow on a spiritual level.

Train the pelvic floor muscles

If you get started with the exercises with the yoni eggs you immediately train your pelvic floor muscles, with all the benefits that entails. Women who have more control over their pelvic floor muscles can enjoy sex more and can cum easier and more intensely. Do yoni eggs work? This is also a very important matter now.

Let the egg go inside yourself

It is not the intention that you push the egg inside, you can let your vagina work. If you are sufficiently relaxed and (sexually) excited, the vagina will “pick up” the egg itself. You do not have to look at it sexually (but you can), it can be perfectly conceived as a spiritual or meditation exercise. You can hold the egg with the large convex side against the entrance of the vagina between your labia lips and you will notice that it will automatically slip inside. The insertion therefore also requires some time; this must above all be enjoyable and relaxed.

Relax and make sure you get excited enough

Lie down quietly and gently touch your entire body and place more and more emphasis on your intimate areas such as your breasts, thighs, labia and clitoris. Meanwhile, try to breathe consciously. Many women fondle themselves with the energy egg, which immediately comes to body temperature. Heat up the egg with warm water, but beware some crystals can withstand large temperature differences. Only when you are sufficiently excited and relaxed do you allow the egg to slide inside.

Excited, but not damp enough?

Does the egg not yet slide in automatically? Then you are not yet sufficiently excited. Continue to caress and massage and when you notice that your vagina is moist enough you can try again. Maybe it still does not work, even if you are already excited enough, try a biological lubricant or a little saliva. Some women are not very humid even when they are very excited. Even during the transition, women sometimes become less humid during sexual excitement.

Tilt your pelvis

Once you have entered you can practice. Let your egg move up and down by tilting your pelvis up and down. Or hold the string and use your pelvic floor muscles to move the egg further inwards, then relax and push the egg down again. Only during this exercise breathing out your breath is pulling the egg inwards and breathing in is pushing out or relaxing and letting go. This creates a rhythm yourself that you can repeat for a while.

Standing exercises

Later you can also practice standing, stand apart with your legs on hip. The farther apart your legs, the heavier the egg pushes down and the harder your muscles have to work. Move your hips forward and backward and in the meantime keep breathing deeply.

Are you really advanced then you can also just walk, light housework or do some shopping with the egg. Or do some squats.

Use a string

Afterwards you can take the egg out of your body with the help of the string. We advise you to continue to use the string until you are able to push the egg out with your pelvic floor muscles. You have to bring the egg out in a quiet way without having to force it hard.

Clean the egg with warm water and soap after use. Most eggs can burst from boiling water! You can also put the egg in a glass of boiled water with a spoon of vinegar for 24 hours to clean it deeper. To clean the hole you can use a toothbrush. Replace the string after use.

Do not let your eggs get dusted

Yoni eggs are wonderful to look at, but you can really use sexual healing, vitality and well-being. To get started immediately, an English-language online course is also available. In this course the expert takes you on a 5-week (online) discovery tour. During this trip you will learn all about your female sexuality and how you can use it by getting started with yoni yoga and yoni eggs.

Workshops and yoga

  • Still unsure how to start there are also workshops, whether or not in the form of yoga.
  • Do not use during menstruation or pregnancy
  • Do not use your egg during menstruation or pregnancy.

Rock crystal cleanses, soothes (clarifies thinking) and regulates and absorbs energy. Because Bergkristal is so neutral, pure, this stone can be charged for every energetic effect and also strengthen the working of other types of stone.

Chakras are also brought into balance and cleaned

Because rock crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for every (energetic) effect and can also strengthen the working of other stones. Mentally, it stimulates concentration, clear thinking and helps to adopt a neutral and impartial attitude.

Clear quartz works purifying, vitalizing, cooling (think burns), analgesic and fever reducing.

Obsidian Yoni-Eli

Obsidian is a highly insightful and cleansing stone and stimulates development through insight and clearing up disturbing memories from the past. It brings out the truth, the core of especially repressed experiences and emotions. The stone therefore acts as a mirror, helping to discover who one is, including the dark sides. The power to deal with trauma is really strong. It is an energy meant for women who are really ready for that phase.

Obsidian reduces anxiety, blockades, traumas and limiting behavioral and thought patterns

The stone can work very powerfully, because of the violent emotions and insights that can come up, highly sensitive people are advised to use this stone only under the guidance of an experienced therapist. Obsidian reduces negative spiritual or spiritual influences and takes negative energy from the environment (for example, disturbing radiation from water veins). Visit yonieggs for more details

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