October 9, 2019

8 Sultry Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex with your partner is fun, whether it’s cowgirl or upside down. Make their night and drive them crazy with these 8 sultry sex positions to help spice things up in and out of the bedroom:

The Wheelbarrow

Have your partner start in the doggy position. As she kneels in front of you, enter her from behind. Once inside, have her grab onto your ankles as you slowly lift to stand, supporting her on your slightly bent lap.

Hot Half Headstand

Looking for the optimal g-spot stimulation? This position leaves her in control while you relax and enjoy the stimulation. This position is a little tricky but it’s a great way of working through the kinks together. Begin by entering your partner from behind as you fold forward touching the floor. Have her grab onto your ankles as she raises her legs to your side. If you can’t hold that position any longer, get back into missionary and add a rabbit vibrator for the ultimate sensual experience.

Carnal Craving

Quench your lusty desires with this sultry position and delve into a new world of pleasure. All that is required from you and your partner, is decent upper body strength and low inhibitions. Begin by facing each other, then grab her waist and under her butt as you lift her towards you. Let her wrap her arms behind your neck and her legs around your waist for additional support as you begin to move at a rhythmic pace.

Devilish Doggy

In this classic position, have her get down on all fours while your penetrate her from behind. Not only does rear entry create the perfect amount of friction for the both of you, it is ideal for those who want to feel a deeper more pleasurable sensation.

Take control with this revamped version of the classic cowgirl. Lay back over the edge of the bed while she straddles over you stretching her hands towards your feet. As you enjoy the sultry view, add a sex toy to your love making for a memorable night you won’t forget.

Snow Angel

If you’re looking for a smooth transition outside of your comfort zone, then this position is perfect for you. While you’re on top of her, have her draw her thighs into your chest and place her legs over her shoulders. This position allows you to bring her pelvis off the mattress, gaining leverage and support using her thighs. The tilt of her hips will allow you to penetrate her deeper, while giving your partner explicit access to your g-spot.

Double Decker

Who says you and your partner have to limit your sexual trysts to just the bed? Lay on the couch as she sits down on top of you facing away. Lean back until you’re propped up on your elbows with your back is on her chest. Have her lean back and keep her knees bent towards her chest as you penetrate her. Not only will she appreciate the hug, but she’ll enjoy the climax.

The Frog

Begin by sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet planted on the ground. Have her squat over you on the edge of the bed with her back to you like a little frog. Grab her waist and help her move up and down, bracing herself on your thighs as you penetrate her. She will be able to support her movements with you placing your hands under her butt, giving her an extra lift.

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